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Reinvent Yourself:
Give . Empower . Make a Difference
High School Diploma


Participants can earn a high school diploma. We accept participants between the ages of 16 - 25 years. 

IV League


Participants can gain work experience through community involvement. GEMA will help you with your resume.

Monthly Field Trips


GEMA plans 3 field trips a month. Twice a month we go to The Midnight Mission to serve the homeless. Once a month we go to a random museum for fun learning.

Health & Fitness


GEMA strives to excell in many areas, including health and fitness. We have a Running Club and have P.E. class twice a week for 1 hour each day.

Concurrent Enrollment


GEMA participants are concurrently enrolled in East Los Angeles College. GEMA participants can earn both high school and college credits with a passed class. Furthermore, college classes are free for GEMA participants.

On-site Counseling Services


On-site counseling services are provided by Open Paths Counseling Center free of charge for GEMA participants. Participants have the possibility of receiving mental health and other services that support participant growth and achievement.

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