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About Us

GEM Academy



GEMA believes in a holistic approach to enhance healthy lifestyles by providing physical education activities, healthy eating, and wellness clubs. Services include health workshops provided by collaborators. We want our participants to understand the importance of the connection between mind and body. GEMA promotes civic engagement through meaningful community service work. Participants volunteer their time to our collaborators for special events on a monthly basis. 


GEMA promotes conservation awareness and environmental education. Our participants gain an appreciation for mother nature and act as environmental ambassadors. Fostering knowledge, awareness and understanding of environmental issues that affect the participants at present can become environmental threats to future generations. The instruction provided will be a catalyst for a chain reaction that begins with participants, spreading to their friends and families and so forth.


GEMA is committed to providing workforce development services, computer training programs, and leadership development through the IV League (Internship and Volunteer League). Through partnerships, our participants exercise their skills and training in professional environments. The result of this experience prepares our participants to make better choices in life, to be involved and become active memb ers of their community. The hands-on experience provides a foundation for job readiness and career awareness.


Partnered with various institutions, our participants learn to be financially responsible. Balancing a budget, opening a bank account, and the importance of understanding possible financial risks are some of the topics covered. 

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